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Supplier & Rebate Management

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Supplier & Rebate Management


This module allows you to manage all your suppliers and your purchases more efficiently and make the purchasing function a leverage to improve the overall profitability of the brand.

Whether you centralize the purchases for your franchisees or have referenced prefered supplier, AGT optimizes the purchasing function of your group:

  • Management of supplier terms
  • Calculation of end of year discounts
  • Consolidation of purchases

Analysis in return

  • A database of suppliers with management of conditions
  • Sales collection
  • Calculation of enf of year discounts

Suivi des RFA

Customer benefits:


  • Centralized management platform for supplier information (contact details, purchasing conditions …)
  • Individual or batch automatic calculation of discounts season, commissions, royalties …
  • Purchase tracking, analysis of massification
  • Support for Trade Negotiation

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