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Financial Reporting

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Financial ReportingPresentation

This module allows an efficient and quick financial reporting of each franchisee. from budgeting, monthly financia reporting to the cashflow forecast, you drive the performance of each franchisee in the most precise manner possible.

→ THE BUDGET: this module allows the creation of plans and budgets in order to reach the objectives. This process allows to the head office and franchisees to follow and analyse the financial and operational performance, so the global efficiency could be pulled-up.


→ THE FINANCIAL REPORTING: A monthly report of the activity is created in order to always be aware of the global financial situation and to be able to react quickly if necessary.

reporting mensuel

→ THE CASH FLOW: The solution is dedicated to help in the realization of a weekly cash flow forecast up to 12 months (automatically linked with the estimated, management every ten days or weekly, detailed consolidation).

Available analysis

  • Business Plans, budgets and forecast
  • Gap with real / estimated / referee ratios
  • Gap previous year
  • Projections and trends, accounting situation built from balance sheet
  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-annual closing

Strengths :

  • Budget made easy and simple monthly reporting process
  • Flash closing in few minutes
  • Cash flow forecast and an automatic alerts on financial situation of franchisees

Benefits for client :

  • Harmonization of budget for follow-ups
  • Consolidated view in a disparate environmnent (different accounting systems with different charts of accounts)
  • Easy handling of budget tool