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Franchising, by Laurent Dubernais, President of AGT

“Managing a franchise brand without AGT is like driving to an unfamiliar destination without a GPS”


Why do future franchisees want to team up with a brand?

There are several important factors that push businesses to join a franchise brand. The first piece is the purchasing power of the head office. Thanks to high volume of purchases, every franchisee will buy products at better cost, which improves immediately the profitability of the franchisee.

The second piece is the franchisor know-how: the brand knows better than anyone else how to successfully run the business they are in. Franchisees expect best practices from franchisor.

The third piece is the capacity of franchisor to provide an efficient toolkit to franchisees so they can run their business and make profits: business plans, budgets, reports, benchmarks, sales and other KPIs analysis…

The fourth piece would be the capacity of franchisor to bring a constant support in keeping the brand at its highest level of quality (product, service, facility…).


AGT contribute to your success!

Specialist in the franchise industry, AGT Retail is a platform dedicated to develop and manage your brand. It is fully integrated into your information system and collect, consolidate, analyze and benchmark all your data.

AGT Retail interacts with your environment: CRM, POS systems, Accounting systems, data warehouses….

The platform allows you to produce new data with high value for franchisor and franchisees: KPIs, scoring, ranking, best performers and slow movers, royalty management…


Second cup


Jim Ragas, President of Second Cup Coffee Compagny Inc


“The solution is easy to use, reliable with an increase of our productivity thanks to simplified and automated features. We are satisfied to have found such a good technology partner, with great expertise in franchise systems. It’s helping us tremendously in our fast international growth”