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Fashion and Accesories

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Clothing, shoes and accessories stores have to stay alert to the competition to ensure the sustainability of their network. AGT Retail appears to be particularly powerful in the management of such networks.

AGT allow an efficient management of network and consolidate data, provide a “like for like” comparison per year.

The modular offer includes panels by region, concept, situation, equipment, surface area, catchment area…


The offer is intended to the following sectors:

Magasin Mode

  • Prêt à porter
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories

The modular offer includes:

The modular offer includes:

Management of CRM

Description of point of sale (situations, surface area, lease, plans, staff, equipment)

Development of network

Business Plans, opening or upgrade, bank files…

Annual accounts

Centralization of balance sheets, Benchmarking, Average, Quartiles of network, risk analysis, scoring…

Activity Management

Analyze of sales, average basket, margin by category family and article, traffic in stores, product mix, stock rotation, staff productivity, customer satisfaction.  


Creation of annual budget, monthly, budget of activity, operation, forecast and “landing”

Monthly reporting

Monthly Flash, simplified closing (provisions, abonnement), accounting interface (Cegid, Sage, Ciel, EBP….)

Cash flow forecast

Situation receipt/disbursement and cash-flow forecast every ten days, solvency of point of sales, payment schedule to franchisor


Management of supplier conditions, calculation of discounts, optimization of purchases

 Some references in the industry: